Holidaying in N.Z.

Holidaying in N.Z.
Our favourite holiday spot N.Z.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pot from West Germany

While my sewing machine is at the repair man I feel lost! But I wanted to update my blog and thought I might show this lovely old pot/Vase? It originally came out from my Great Aunts in England and was left to my Mother back in the seventies, along with many other lovely pieces.

On the bottom it reads W. Germany and 408-40, I wonder what this means?

I really like it and think it brightens up a corner in my lounge-room, I seem to like pieces that have a bit of a story with them.


  1. Our dear Great Aunts had some very mod things Jude.
    I remember visiting them in the 70s and just loved staying in their beautiful home. Near Blackpool in U K. In Fleetwood by the sea.