Holidaying in N.Z.

Holidaying in N.Z.
Our favourite holiday spot N.Z.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sewing on a wet miserable day

Nothing nicer than a warm room, cups of tea and the sewing machine, that is after a quick trip to Spotlight to look at all that lovely material. As you can see in one pic even the cat wasn't going outside, she joined me at the kitchen table. Today it was apron making.


  1. They look great Jude.
    This weekend was to be our garden cleanup!!
    We lit a fire instead.
    Material shopping sounds wonderful.
    Have a great day off jude.

  2. Love buying material.. and your colours and patterns are great together..:))
    I have been buying my material from a store on the mainland.. free postage for the month of August... and they start at $5.. so as you can imagine, I have some lovely baby panels,ect..
    What breed is your cat.. looks like she/he is enjoying the day also :))
    Happy sewing :))

  3. Jude could you please pass on a message to Chris :))?? I cannot send a comment from her blog.. :(( I love the story she wrote about the coffee set. very moving ... :)) Thanks for this :))

    1. I will pass on to chris, and thank you for lovely comment :) The cat mmm not sure, as three years ago she turned up at our back door, very scared, hungry and sad looking, I being a cat lover and just lost our twelve year old cat of course coaxed this beautiful one to become one of our family! as you can see she settled in and became one of us! spoilt rotten - we love her :)