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Holidaying in N.Z.
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Family wedding ring

This beautiful Rose Gold wedding ring belonged to my Grandmother Elizabeth Fidler who married in 1914 in England
It then became my mothers Elsie Bennion married in 1937 in England.

In the year 2000 my mother passed it on to me and although I was already married I chose to wear this lovely Rose gold ring as it was such a beautiful thing my mother had given me and meant so much every time I looked at it on my finger.

Sadly my knuckle has swollen and it no longer fits me. But every now and then I take it out and look at it, what I love most of all though is my Mums handwriting explaining the years of marriage.

It reads: Elsie Bennion
My mothers wedding ring 1914
and became mine 1937
I then wrote and Judys 2000, by this time Mum wasn't up to writing. Something I will never forget.


  1. Gorgeous post Jude.
    Mum would love that you have it.
    Chris. X

  2. Heartwarming. I love stories like these. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow what a lovely hand me down.... I have a belt ring that my mum gave me on my 21st that her father gave her for her 21st. I wear it every day and love the significance. Now I just have to do the same for my daughter...

  4. It’s always a different thing when it’s passed on through generations, especially with jewelry. That Rose Gold wedding ring is pure vintage and it definitely holds a lot of memories. Hmm. If it won’t fit within your fingers, I guess you could use it as a pendant, instead?

    Rochel Faltus

  5. Hi Jude
    I meant to say, I like the new look blog. Great pics. Well done.

  6. Wow. that's an awesome simple but stunning story of that ring. Maybe one day that wedding ring will fit in your finger again :)

  7. This is once-in-a-lifetime gift that needs to be given importance. I mean, the ring is almost a century old! And I think this is a very important ring that defines your family's history. :)


  8. Wow! That wedding ring has been part of your family’s tradition for a long time now, and I’m sure it will be passed on to the future generation as well. I really love the idea of preserving such an heirloom. As time goes by, it becomes an important treasure that's really worth keeping!

    Kimmy Barnes